Tank and Gearing

Just ordered an IMS 4.9 gallon tank from Just Gas Tanks. Best price and includes cap and petcock. Hope it's not too wide. Also ordered a 45 tooth rear sprocket and new 112 link chain from Jesse. Can't wait to use 2nd and 3rd and avoid that clunky, resistant, 1-2 shift. Where I ride first is too low and second a little too high in the tighter sections. I love the chug-ability of the engine though that makes riding a gear high doable.

So I got all my stuff today and put it on this evening. WOW does gearing make a difference - changed the personality of the bike all over again. The major "personality changers" have been: Tires, RMZ master cylinder/throttle/controls, Race Tech suspension, Dyno Jet kit and FMF pipe, 18" rear wheel, and now, gearing. The big DR keeps getting better. I don't notice the tank width either. Good mods that I am happy with!

Sounds awesome!

Would love to hear more about the RMZ throttle/brake mod! What years for the donor parts and what was required to install?

Sure. I was able to get '06 clutch lever/perch, front master/lever and throttle off Ebay. It was all cheap. The clutch leverage ratio is way better and I don't have to pull the lever to the bar to get complete disengagement. The front master cylinder (after lots of research) pushes about 30% more fluid to the caliper. The difference is night and day. I had been using a stainless brake line that I replaced with the stock rubber line and got more feel - with the same power. The throttle takes roughly half the travel of the stock one to get full throttle. Way better off road... and everywhere else. The only mod required putting more slack in one of the cables (can't remember which one) by putting both fixing nuts on top of the bracket on the carb. That's pretty much it. I think the whole thing cost $70 plus brake fluid. Easily the highest value mod I have done.

I replaced my throttle tube with an aftermarket part for 10 bucks intended for a carb-model RMX-250 - works perfectly. After swapping to FCR carb the cables are on the long side though.

Highly recommended with the flatslide, but quite useless with the stock BST in my opinion, cause it makes the delay in response even more noticeable.

I was also thinking about a different master-cylinder for the brake, but refrained from the idea after fitting stell-braided brakelines with DOT5.1 - I don´t want it any harder and I´m not even sure the front tyre could handle additional braking power.

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