2006 crf250 carb cleaning

I am workin on a 2006 crf250r. i took the carb apart and cleaned it out, sprayed everything. Cleaned all the jets and all. when i put it back together it was still bogging really bad in the low end. Now i have the bike back apart in pieces and im back where i started. Does any one have any words of wisdom where i can get this thing back together and running right?

Did you remove the slide? If you did, you may have installed the flat plate on the slide upside down which mkes it run really bad a backfire. Check the seal on that plate also for damage. If you hit it with carb cleaner, it's probably ruined. Also for the bog, you may need to do the accelerator pump modification if it already hasn't been done.

Let me know if you get it fixed because I have the same exact problem

no luck. just tore it apart again and had my pops look through it. all the jets and all were good but when it was back together we had the same problem so were just gonna take it to someone to fix it because i dont have to time to keep tinkering with it

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