no compression!!!!!!

hey guys! so i did a compression test on my 04 kx250f because it will not start!well when i did the test my compression was at a whopping 15psi! the bike has new piston and rings... so what are my other options? is the crank shot or the valves not seating all the way maybe? any suggestions please let me know thanks a ton!

Did you disengage the auto decomp when testing?

Nope I didn't. How do I? But still I shouldnt have 15psi should I? Even if the auto decomp is engaged I should prob have around 40-50Psi if the manual calls for 70-104

i used the extension from my compression gauge to hook up to my compressor for a leak down test...

i think when I had a leaking valve, I got around 40 psi of compression. Next chance I get to pull the plug out, I will hook up the gauge and see what I am getting with a fresh piston/rings/head.

Nope I didn't. How do I?

You wire the weight in the outward (engine running) position.

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