any big guys ride 125s?

I am 6-0 200-205lbs depending on the day. I have an 04 yz250 and am thinking about getting a 125 for a second bike to keep from getting lazy and keep improving my skills with, but do not know if i'd be too heavy for the bike? Any advice or opinions on the topic would be great.

Thanks, Matt

Also thought about trying to find a 144,

you would be fine. it would teach you how to ride on the pipe for sure.

i weigh 180ish at 5'7 and i still ride a kx100 because i cant let it go yet, its the rider not the bike, you should definitely be able to ride one.....Oh! my dad is 5'9 and weighs 240 and he rides a rm125, he hauls ass on that thing. :cheers:

i may be your doppleganger. 511 / 200 -205 + gear, and i ride a 125 and a 144. i have been riding them on and off for a couple years now. so much fun. i actually race them in novice and intermediate classes. they teach you to carry momentum thru corners, pick better lines and clutch/shift work. at my level of riding, it's about rider skill, not horsepower and torque. i may be a few seconds per lap faster on a 450, but i get tired faster too. i can go harder, longer, on the 125's.

i don't know what the correlation is but i have been hurt more seriously on the 450's than the 125's too. maybe the weight difference?

you will be fine. my buddy is 6'0 probably around 190 and he says his 125 may be a little too much for him. it will definitely hold your weight.

Im alot bigger than anyone else that commented here at 6'4 225-230 and love to haul ass on my 125 which I converted to a 144, picked up a stock cylinder with PV and head off ebay so I could just swap and race it every now and again if I chose to. My fast laps times are only about .5 sec a lap slower on my 125 than I am on my 250 smokers, but I get tired super quick on the 125 because I have to work so hard and move around so much to keep the thing from bogging down and keep her screaming, its not easy and it wears me out quick. My 250 doesnt wear me out as fast because I dont have to work as hard. Dont ask me how a 125 pulls me around the track just as fast as my 250s but... because of this I change the piston at no more than 10 hrs ride time just because I have to ride it so hard because of my weight. Not to mention I look like a goon on the thing because Im so tall. But it sure is fun and is a good practice bike if you wanna go out and put down some fast laps and still get a work out and get your heart rate up. The 125 will just flat out make you work your ass off to keep it going.


any advice on which ones are bigger or had stronger engines for certain years?

the new yz's or the 00-05 rm's rip pretty hard

any advice on which ones are bigger or had stronger engines for certain years?

If you go with a YZ stray away from the 5 speed tranny (02-04). Not saying that there is anything wrong with them but they can really hinder performance for us big guys. Other than that you cant go wrong with any of the 00+ Yz's as they all have the 6 speed tranny and really move shifts a little closer together which makes it that much easier to keep it in the power. Mine was a 00 and is still probably the fastest 125 when it was stock with minor head and port work (right around $100), really woke the motor up and now 144 Ive ridden to this day. The motor is absolutely bulletproof and the thing F'in HAULS.

There really isnt any significant size diff between any of the Yz's be it 125 or 250. The cockpit seems a little compact on all of them for big guys compared to other brands, throw some Windham mid bars on it and it worked for my 6'4 frame really well. Opened it up 100%, when I had to ride my buddies 07 when mine went down at the track on race day the only switch I made was to swap bars and it felt just as good as my own even though the suspension was just a little soft, it was valved for a 150lb rider lol. 75lbs difference put a little stress on the suspension but the SSS performed really well. Didnt even make any clicker changes due to time. Which is an advantage of the 06+ they work really really well! Keep in mind however at your weight you'll need a revalve anyways and the older stuff can be pretty damn good if its properly set up. Example: my 08 yz250 SSS suspension is no better than my 03 yz250 suspension which both have been sprung and valved for my weight and ability.

Sorry for the long post, but wanted to share my experience being so big on an underpowered bike.:cheers:

just drop in :race tech,pro circuit,etc aftermarket springs for your weight,it makes a big difference.

here i am at 245 + i am 5'9" and i can clear everything at my local track on my 125

I'm 6'2 and 203 lbs, and I have a kx125 as a second bike. May look small, but those 125 still pull!

6'3" 243lbs.

i still find more fun in riding the 125 over the 250.


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