North Central PA DS golf run

I am looking for interest in a DS poker run type ride. Ride base will be in Sinnemahoning PA area and would run over 10-12 miles pavement and the rest fire roads and single track/pipeline. Total would be around 50 miles between base and GPS locations. Each location will have a chip w/ a number and the goal is to have a lowest number, "golf run" at the end of ride. First to a location gets #1, second #2 and so on. Not only will you need to find the locations but plan which ones to get to first. Odds to get #1 at all locations is unlikely!

Ride will be June/July time frame and on a Saturday starting around 10-11am. There is camping close by and a meet and greet Friday night for those who want.

More Info to come.

Sounds like fun... When I read the title of the thread I pictured a bunch of guys tearing up a country club course with bags of golf clubs strapped to their bikes... :cheers:

O the fun days riding the golf course while being chase by golfers in thier carts. If you come out for this you can stay at the cabin. I am working on some prizes for the best and worst scores.

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sounds cool post when ya get more locked in.....i might b in it for worst score prize,,,lol

Sounds cool. Now all I need is a GPS for the bike and figure out how to use it.

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