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First event for me and the Yam!

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Me and my mate Grouty went for a ride yesterday - in strange County - Still it had to be done! and the YZ got to stretch its legs for real!

Now I've never riden in a MX event before, just watched and thought I could do that! So now was the time to see if I could. Anyway what a day (and night before!- we camped). I wasn't sure about my shoulder and arm holding up so took it easy in practice, and decided to give a race a go, my start wasn't too bad, I was in the middle of the pack at the first corner and then as in my game plan - carefully worked my way back during the first two laps! :p I enjoyed a tussle with fellow back markers, and was slowed by riding one sweeping bend with the wrong leg out - cramp! :cheers: - oh and by missing a few gears - that should get better with a longer lever. In the end I came in 4th from last out of about 25 and was only lapped by Kevin Ruddock, (former British GP rider) -which I think was a fair result for a first ever race and the YZ's first proper outing. :ride: Unfortunately a cracked footpeg mount and a sore shoulder meant I took a rest and just watched for the rest of day. But what a day .....

Cracking racing to watch that Zach Osborne (250 British Champ) can fly - he took a YZ250F around the track almost constantly on the rev limiter! awsome! He must have had a weekend off, but was happy wandering around talking to punters and signing autographs. As a fellow American he was a real good ambassador for the sport and the USA.

He was also looking for a ride on Evo and Twinshock and took out a YZ125 twostroke and had an amazing tussle with a YZ 490 riden by a former uk GP rider, so no slouch - and he won! *He was then going to take out a Circa 74 Yam 500 - see pic below, but that had an oil feed prob so he went out on a 73 MX 250, you can just see that he was about to get the hole shot but had a bit of trouble with the "old school" clunky gear box (I wasn't alone there then!) and came a respectable 4th, I doubt that MX will be going that fast for a while again!






The 500!







Circa 74/77 line up (without me!)


Zach Osbourne


Zach on the MX250



Mr Rudduck (also UK GP rider) on the Kawasaki (he may be faster than me but I have more hair!)


The start - he's half a wheel ahead!

So if I can do it anyone can, go get an old YZ and have some fun, a real nice crowd, some great racing but not mega serious.


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Sweet. have any more photos of the track? I miss old school natural terrain tracks.

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I'll dig some out, its a great track zig zags up and down the hill with off camber turns a few whoops at the bottom and a token table top!


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