Fork Seal Kits - replace seals...what about bushings?

This will be my first time to enter the world of replacing fork seals...

this thread is less "how to" more "what should I do?".

should I be replacing the bushings as well?

I have both the all balls fork/dust kit and the pivot works fork seal and bushing kit in my TT shopping cart right now...I don't know the history on the forks besides they are leaking right now. - OR - should I just go OEM with all the parts?

BIKE: 2004 KX250f

Well, i've done probably 10 sets of forks in my forktime(lifetime ha) and i've had horrible experiences with all balls. The dust seals suck they have no spring on the outer lip. Go with OEM seals and dust seals. I used the pivot works kit once on an 07 rm 125. All the bushings fit well except the top one that clips into the groove on the top of the lower leg. Read a few people saying that they were to large to fit well (figured they just got a dud and ordered the kit anyways) and my upper one was not close to staying seated at all. I had to bend it a bit without goobering it up to get it to stay put. I've never actually priced out OEM bushings but if its not that much more then i'd go with them....

well, I priced out the OEM seals, bushings, and washer and it was about twice the price of the pivot works kit. I just ordered the pivot works kit.

I figure since I am in the forks, I might as well replace the bushings. Hopefully all fits well.

OEM is very good stuff. Usually says NOK on them, some places carry them for less money.

AllBalls dust seals DO have a spring, it´s located on the inside instead.

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