What should I do?

Hi everybody, I sold my WR426 '01 about 3 weeks ago and now I don't know what to do? Should I buy a new 2003 WR450 at a lower price or should I wait for a 2004? Buy the way anybody knows what's gonna be the changes for 2004? Thanks.

For '04, it returns in an even more civilized guise: revised settings and an all-new anti-stiction coating in the inverted 46mm Kayaba fork better absorb whatever the trail dishes out. New, aluminum-piston brake calipers shave a little weight. Yamaha WR450F


I have not had the woodruff key issue with my bike and I have put lotsomiles on it. But for piece of mind on this you may be willing to spend a bit more and get the 04. The other performance upgrades won't make that much difference, well except for the "Bold new graphics". :)

You didnt think Yamaha would leave it alone did you? :)

New features and updates = sales.

Can you tell me more about the woodruff key issue? I never heard this problem. Is it only in 2003 models? :)

Because of the fork change go 04

The fork change are only for the 2004 YZF 450, not the WR. It stays with 46mm instead of 48mm for the YZ.

Notice the extended "kick stand" they leaned the bike with. :)


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