Xr650R Triple Clamp question. Does this look right? Pictures

Does this look right? Is the gap in the clamps suppose to be similar in the upper and lower clamp?

A little background info. I managed to over torque the upper bolts(stretched the bolts) but have replaced. The new bolts went in smoother then before but it feels like I did some damage to the threads in the clamp.

Am I paranoid or does this not look right?

Upper clamp.


Lower clamp.



One would imagine they should be the same when tightened but it's not a given..I say you're suffering paranoia.

Those bolts only need to be done up with a spanner till tension goes on..then go a touch more. No need for Torque wrenches on such things.

Never ever had them move with just spanner tightening in 30 odd years of biking..

Those have been overtightened,,see the cracks in the threaded area?

Yeah, I didn't notice the cracks until I posted the pic's.

This can't be good.

There is a torque specification for the fork bolts. If you are tightening those as tight as you can get them you have over tightened them.

The proper torque sequence is to tighten the bottom fork pinch bolts first to

32 N-m (24 lbf-ft) of torque.

Then torque the upper pinch bolts to 27 N-m (20 lbf-ft) of torque and your good to go.

This is according to the shop manual. :cheers:

I would remove the bolts . Inspect the threads for damage. reinsert and torque to spec. If it wasn't important there would not be a torque spec.. As far as the gap is concerned you may have stretched or damaged the clamp.

Everything was fine until I put anti-seize on the bolts. This is when my torquing went haywire!

Stretched bolts, broken aluminum!

Did you reduce your torque values by 20-25%?

Did you reduce your torque values by 20-25%?

Nope! Learned the hardway.

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