2008 CRF250R Cold Start

What would cause a hard start situation on an 08 CRF250R? It seems most people have hot start issues, but mine starts 1 or 2 kicks when hot, but is almost impossible to start cold. The valves were adjusted 4 rides ago, the airfilter is clean and oiled, and the jetting is set for my altitude and temp.

recheck ur valves

do what i did by a two stroke !:cheers: nah could be your timing if not mistaken or valves mine was the same way

If your valves and carb are in spec it could just be your starting procedure. I usually give mine about 5 or 6 twists of the throttle then turn on the choke. Dont give it any gas while your kicking. Mine usually fires in the first 5 kicks. If it fires and dies give it a couple of twists of the throttle again and kick again.

^^^^ what he said. also if you think you flooded the bike, cause they do flood easily. Twist throttle and hold to the full position, hold kill switch in, slowly kick 5 to 6 times. then proceed to start again. thats what the manual says and works for me every time. on cold starts it says to choke it, twist throttle about 3 times, find compression stroke . and it should fire up. finding that compression stroke and kicking it all the way really helps

If you adjust your valves your in need of new ones quick. Your valves are probably out of spec again. It happened to me last fall, adjusted the valves 2 hours of riding later they were out of specs. I just put Kibblewhites on the intakes so no more of that problem for awhile.

Yeah, I have a 2-stroke, but ended up with this bike as a freebi. I won it in a contest last year.

I heard that once you have to adjust valves they go pretty quick. I guess I better break down and buy new ones before I grenade the engine.

Thanks guys for your help.

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