how much air should come out of the bladder

I am taking a shock apart for the first time. I let the nitrogen out of the valve and all i got was a 1-2 sec hiss. I was expecting more, but having never done it before I have no clue.

The shock was rebuilt about 5months ago and has very little time on it, is this normal amount, or do I have a problem i need to look into?


its normal.'s a lot of pressure but very little volume. Check out one of your friends who has an MTB air shock. Most of these have about the same air spring volume as the piggyback bladder on our shocks. Most of them run in the 150-200 psi range. Get them to let you depressurize the schrader valve, and you'll get this same, brief, spurt of air. You'd think there would be more, but nope.

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