Accidentaly Put Too Much Oil, should i worry?

i had 1.4 liters of oil in my bike yesterday and i rode for about 6 hours. it was at the minimum level so i decided to put in .1 more in and i just wasnt thinking and put in .2 more so i am running .1-.15 liters too much. should i be super worried or is it not a big deal?:cheers:

how much oil over the maximum should i start o worry about?

No, nothing to hurt. With a filter change, they will take a little more anyway. You want to fill it, run it, check the level, then bring it up to the top mark on the stick. It will make a mess blowing it out of the vent pipe if its way overfilled. I'm not sure how much it would take to make it hydro lock, but at some point the piston will not come all the way down.... sooo don't put 2 full qts in there for sure.

yeah i figure that its supposed to be 1.5 and theres about 1.6 to 1.75 in there so is that okay? i ran it around the neighborhood and it ran fine and then i kept it running for about ten minutes and it seemed fine. if something was wrong would i be able to tell already?

Yeah. Just drain it down to the proper level. It's fine, not hurt. You would only be able to tell if it would not turn over when you tried to kick it,.... it would lock up if it had way too much in there.

okay cool well i ended up just draining it down, made quite a mess but i did it so its all good. the oil im using is awesome. i probably wont have to change it for about 3 months if i ride once a week. hopefully i wont have to go through that crap again ha

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