frame paint??

anyone know a good match(rattle can) for the silver on the frame of the 04 kx250f? i want to touch it up before i put on the frame guards.

go to an autoparts dealer that sells paints for body shops they can replicate the color and put it in a spray can.

cool i'll have to check into that, i want to get as close as possible so it don't look like crap

I'd spend the money on powder coat. Paint, especially rattle can, isn't going to last long at all.

i thought about that, i just don't want to tear into my bike yet i just got it, it seems everything i buy i always take it apart and then put it back together all nice and new,sell it and never ride it. I figure i'll ride for the summer and come the winter months is when i'll do a tear down and powdercoat everything

nice! i've been looking for a good powdercoater they are hard to come by around here. i'll keep you in mind when i'm ready.

Johnny, do you have any examples of your work? i have powder coat place down the street, but they're work is decent at best. You aren't too far from me either, I'm in Tallahassee, FL.

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