2011 gas in oil ???

i just changed the oil after breakin in my new 11 and oil had a gas smell??? i did a search but no real solutions. something i should know to avoid this ?? thanks

It is almost impossible for such a thing to occur. The injector would have to stick open which it is not likely to do anytime ever

I had same problem in cold weather. I did cover other radiator and it helped. If you did ride in warm weather, then you may have bad piston rings. In cold weather it's important to let engine warm up before riding.

I think it should be fine maybe something to keep an eye on the next time you change it

This has been a known problem with Honda. I am a firm believer that it is caused by dirt in your gas. I put a filter in my race jug and my gas tank. When I get home I will take pictures and post what I did and I never had any trouble on my 2010 CRF250. I do have a small problem though, I cant find anyone who makes a after market gas cap for the 2010/2011 RMZ. I bought 2 for my RMZ and none of them fit, They were way to big.

Was this your first oil change? When I first changed the oil, the oil that came with the bike was very thin and seemed like it could have been diluted. I would change it once and then see how it is next time.

like said above.. it was a problem with the hondas... if i recall the injectors would leak since they were still under pressure after the bike was shut down...and it would go past the rings when they were cold... honda said it was not a problem because if u change your oil ofter only a small amount of gas would collect. if you search the honda 450s forum you will find more...

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