125 vs. 250 2t


I have been looking around for a new bike for this racing season. I race trails up in new england. I am one of the best riders for the 85 class in the new england trail racing. Unfortunately, i have outgrown my 85, i am now 5'11" and about 160 pounds. I have rode my buddys cr250 which has been set up for woods including a fww and i loved it (except it being set up for a 250lbs. person). I am looking to buy a YZ, either a 125 or a 250. Iknow how to set it up into a woods bike i am just curious which bike everyone prefers in the woods. I cannot decide for the life of me. i am worried that the 125 wont be enough bike for me because i love grabbing power out of turns without having to kill the throttle. but on the other hand i am worried that the 250 will be a bit overwhelming for the long races. any suggestions? Any input would be much appreciated:worthy! :cheers:

Get the 250

where in Mass are you? I second the 250

I am in the Plymouth area. If you are familiar with the place i ride/race in freetown often.

if the weight is an issue and you like the 85 style power get the 125. If you want a more forgiving power output go with the 250

If you race in the woods why not get a Husky or KTM 150? They have awesome power, very light weight, and are woods racers. I have a 08 Husky CR144 and after riding many bikes 125, 250, 300, 450, 504, 510 I perfer the balance of power and weight of my 144.

unless you are going to race in "lites" class I'd skip the 144-150 in favor of the 200 much broader power and more top speed

I would get the 250 smoker. Only reason is since you are riding woods and you won't have shift as much. If u end up gettin the 250 just respect it and tKe your time with it.

It's a lot of bike and if you don't respect it then you can get balled up pretty easy.

Also like somE people were saying, the ktm 150 xc r very good woods bikes. And plus they won't wear you out as quickly as the 250.

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