street legalization in pennsylvania


I'm getting my license in a couple months. I'm selling my quad for a bike. I want to make it street legal to go the 5 miles to school and so I don't have to worry about cops in between trails. Are ktms easier to make street legal then japanese bikes? If so how?

First off, welcome to the world of motorcycles! The key to putting any bike on the road in Pa, is the title for the bike. Before you buy any bike, make sure that it has a valid title, (not just a COA), in the current owners name. Most, if not all times, a Ktm title will already say MC (motorcycle) on it, instead of OHV (off highway vehicle). If the title says MC, you can register it and get a plate, and then add what ever is missing from the bike to pass a Pa DOT inspection, and get it inspected just like any other street legal vehicle. If the title says OHV, you will have to add what ever is missing from the bike to pass a Pa DOT "enhanced inspection" BEFORE, you can register and put it on the road. Hope this helps.:cheers:

P.S....So in conclusion, a bike with a "MC", title no matter what make it is, will be much easier to get registered for street use, than one with an "OHV" title.

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If your looking for a bike to ride on the street I have on ebay a 08 Rmz450 mint with a Pa Title so It is already to go. Just put lights on and ride.

so ktm is the way to go.seems easier then the japanese bikes. is there any emmisions stuff in the inspection, or can it be a 2 stroke?

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