next bike has to count, which one?

Been trying to refine what bike I’ll pick up next and having a hard time narrowing it down to only 1-2 bikes, that are 7g’s and less all said and done. Looking to buy between now and 10 months.

Here’s what I have access to now, d-bike wise:

‘96-360, ‘96-410, 00’-410, ’10-TE510, & Berg 00’-FC501. Some of these bikes belong to my friend whom I ride with almost exclusively. I’m 34, 215 no gear, 5’10, 30” inseam, so I don’t like a bike that’s much over 38”. Looking for a bike that will improve some technical aspects of my long term (25+ years) riding experience.

We ride 80+% of the time in Mojave, CA Dove Springs area. So, mostly open Dez, some hill climbs, some more spacious mountain trails, back country trails, etc. The other 10-20% would be more Corral Canyon, McCain’s Valley like, both of which are East San Diego Mountains, so mostly trails, single track, etc.

The bikes I have on the radar are:

-TXC 250 likely would install big bore kit, not sure on year desired, as price would dictate that. Not sure it will have enough power for open.

-’10 WR125, great pricing/financing, but will want the 144/167 kit immediately, so cost goes up, why not wait for a cheaper WR150 at some point that already has a great displacement!

-’11 WR150, too pricey at the moment, would wait for leftover or used

-’11 TE310, too pricey now, not sure it will give me enough umph in the open areas w/out spending more mullah.

-’10 Berg FX450, price is great for what you get on leftovers, but concerns about smaller tank, might have a little too much power in some scenarios which would detract from technical improvements in riding, long term reliability and too new of a design, and still a little heavy considering it’s supposed to be a stripped down XC’er, but reports say it still feels light because of where mass of engine resides. No kickstart either, bummer!

-’10 Berg FE390, pricier, good reviews on this, harder to find, might have to get used at some point, long term reliability and too new of a design. Remembered how well balanced my TE400 was in all areas.



OR I'm thinking, go a lot cheaper, save a lot of money that can be put elsewhere and get same or similar results, which is definitely not a bad idea at all:

-Locate a ’02-’04 WR125, then add 144/167 kit + PWK + other pertinent mods (don’t like the taller ones, that’s why I picked these years)

What do you guys think?

Thanks, Ryan

Sounds to me like a left over 10 TE 310. It will be most like your 410 except better in every way. I had a 08 with the Athena 310 kit and absolutely loved that bike. Still kick myself for selling it. Great do it all bike. Plus you have the plate.:cheers:

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