2001 xr650r

I have this huge un sellable tripple car trailer that someone is finally willing to trade me a street legal 2001 xr650r in realy nice shape for the trailer after 6 months on craigslist at $3000 (fair price but its 38 feet). They seem to be worth about the same on craigslist but my question is will I be stuck with a pig that I can't sell. I like to ride but I don't ride dual sport and I don't realy plan on starting any time soon. I will probably ride the bike while I try to sell it but I don't to be sitting on it for a long time. Will a bike like this sit on craigslist at $3000 for a long time or do people tend to buy these quickly, would you want one? This is not a pricing question but a demand question, they are on craigslist in my area (Bc to Oregon) for between $2700-$3500. I know that a 1980's ttr 110 will never sell unless its free were as a 2011 ktm 450sx will sell quckly at a fair price. So will I just continue this plauge of my money being tied up in things that I use a couple times a year or can I finaly have some $$$ to get a new bike before summer?

I'd snatch it up on the sole reason its riding season and any bike will be easier to sell than a three car trailer. How many people do you know that has the need to transport three of there cars? Not to mention there are some die hard xr fans out there that would give their first born child to own a lightly used xr650r.

Street legal bikes of any kind ( esp. xr650r's) go quick down here. I'd own one in a heartbeat if i had $3k to spare

Looks like I'll pull the trigger on this one then, thanks.

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