Bike dies with any amount of throttle

My 2006 DRZ SM dies with just the smallest amount of throttle input. background: picked the bike up with 1300 miles, I did the 3x3 mod at 1400 miles and rejetted accordingly. No other mods. Bike now has 1600 miles and has been running just fine up until today, I did a wheelie and about 2 blocks later it dies on me. I can start it, and it idles just fine, pull the choke, idle rises like normal, but even the slightest amount of throttle input and it sputters and dies. I know VERY little about carbs as all of my bikes have been FI. PLEASE help me get my DRZ back on the road the weather is too nice not to be riding! :cheers:

P.S. I started looking at the carb and there is definitely gas coming out from somewhere, I'm going to pull the carb and make sure I have everything done correctly. It's werid that I have ran 200 miles with virtually no problems what so ever...

open the top of the carb and check the needle hasnt poped out. It happened to me a few weeks ago. hope this helps

RIGHT on the nose, opened up the carb, the slide was stuck open and the needle had come undone. Is this a common problem? and if so is there any fix?

only happened once with me and i just made sure the white thing holding the needle in was pushed down hard with a pair of long nose plires because the last time i did it i remember not pushing down hard enough.

You have to gently but firmly snap the retainer into place with a rotating motion. Too much force and the fingers break off.

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