Optional Decompressor Cover on 04?

On my 04, there is a hole in the head right above the header for an optional manual decompressor. Well, ever since I've owned my bike there has always been just the black plug there (no decompressor). Last hare scramble I ran, my bike got super hot and I lost that plug. Anway, a buddy has the same bike and let me borrow the parts to run yesterday's HS except he brought me the black plug that goes in the head and the 8mm bolt and also some sort of tiny cover that seems to be manufactured by Fastway that holds the plug in. My bike never had the bolt nor the cover, just the black plug. I'll post a picture when I get home. According to microfiche, it's the exact same part # for 04-11 :cheers:

Anyone know where I can find this small cap that holds this plug in?

its an oem part so the dealer should be able to get one i lost mine to but i found it

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