Help! LTZ 400 extremely hard to start


I have a '06 Z400 that takes 5-10 minutes or more to get started after it sits overnight or even for a few hours:foul:. It has never done this before and i was wondering what could be causing it. Once I get it running it runs fine after warmed up and starts easily while hot. I've replaced the sparkplug and cleaned the air filter but it's still the same. I was wondering if anyone on here would have some ideas or be able to point me in the right direction.



Check your valve clearance, also, Is your battery strong?. and how long has it been since the carb was cleaned?

Its been a while since the carb was cleaned so that might be it, the valve clearance may also be contributing. The only reason i wasn't thinking carb was because it runs perfectly once you get it started. I think im going to start by cleaning the carb this weekend though just in case.


I would suspect that your carb idle jet is gummed up, and or your valves are out of spec.

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