450 Break In

So Far I have put 3 hours on my motor and followed the advice that the dealership mechanic gave me as far as the first few hours of break in to make sure the rings seated properly. I also changed the oil, cleaned the filter, and the screen and cleaned the air filter. So my question now is how much longer should my break in be until I can run this bike like it wants to be run? The manual says 12 hours to complete the cycle. Is this really true? What has worked for you guys???

Any amount of reading on this subject will prove there are many ideas. Having just rebuilt a 250F a few months ago I had to pick the method I felt was right for me and stick to it. I now have 5.7 hours total and have been riding it like it should be ridden. So much for the 12 hour mark. No problems, valves good, oil changes done and it pulls hard and fast.

So how did I do the break-in. By following the guide here....http://mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm

I changed the oil after the initial run in at .6 hours, cleaned the screens and filters and then again at 2.0 hours, checked the valves, cleaned the filters and screens and changed the oil. Not a problem anywhere. Engine pulls strong and I expect many rides to come as I currently have 5+ hours on it.

Since you have started the break in procedure you might tell us how you've ridden it so far in order to get helpful advice. (Or continue to follow the manual for another 9 hours.)

Well I followed the break in period exactly like the website you referenced. I started off by warming up the motor and then took advantage of the grooves in the cylinder to break in the rings. I used alternating revs starting from low to mid to high for the first 10-20 min. I went through all the gears and never kept the RPMs at a high or constant state as told to me by the dealership mechanic. Then I put about 2 hours of easy riding going through all the gears again never hitting the rev limiter. I checked the valves and changed the oil and did all the routine stuff that the manual said. I am now at 3 hours and am wondering what to do next? Oh and I also just changed the jetting as it was too lean.

Sounds like you're pretty much done. If you're confident you have the correct jetting and have done other inspections recommended then I'd say ride it the way you want to. I have ridden my 250 fast since the 2.0 hour mark and had no problems.

Ok thanks for the help. I really appreciate it! I'm going to try and put 3 more easy hours before my week long desert trip coming up in two weeks. Cause out there there is no going slow out there with the people i'm going with!!!

Break in????whats a break in...I rode the bike slowly for about a half an hour, let it cool down and then let her rip..................no problems so far.....

i just run at tank through the bike without strapping it too hard, i then change the run in oil and put what ever oil im gonna run, fresh tank of fuel and go hard, have the valves checked after a few hours. thats my method. some people are a lot more anal than me though. my 505 ran that awesome i never even had the valves checked, just rode the thing and rebuit it at 100 hours

I have had a bunch of buddies tell me the same thing. This is my first new bike and spent quite a few dollars so I just want to ensure that I get my moneys worth. Hopefully I will have as much luck as you. 100 hours sounds good for the first rebuild!

mate i dont blame you. yeah the 505 still hammered at 100 hours haha, im getting the motor setup for the dirt drags here in australia and will be running nitrous, thats the only reason i rebuilt it

I've had about 50 dirt bikes from brand new and another 20 street biKes. Break in is not what it used to be. 2 heat cycles and a change of oil/filter is all that's required. Heat cycle being let the engine oil warm up, ride the bike at low and mid rpms while going through the gears. Let the bike accelerate as well as decelerate on compression. 12-15 mins. Repeat process, change oil and it's done. The race teams do much less than that. This talk of hours and hours of break in is totally unnecessary. I used to race gsxr 1000 engines in scca racing and this is the same procedure I used to break in all those race engines. There's even a lot of belief tHat it's best to run the engine hard under a load right after the engine oil is warm right away. On two strokes, the manufactures used to say use 20:1 oil to break them in. Now everyone knows that's unnecessary too. The manufactures don't even follow their written break in procedures. That is written for the masses, even more conservative when there is a manufactures warrantee offered.

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Long break in periods are unnecessary. The manufactures, especially those offering a warranty period are being overly cautious to the mass public. They don't follow those recommendations for the long break In procedures in their own literature.

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i rebuilt my 08 xcf 450 at 150 hrs ( valves were good still in spec) really i could have re ringed it and went, i had the same delimia as you settled on around 10 heat cycles in the garage and 1 tank thru the bike nice and easy, about 3 hrs total, checked the valve again and headed to the dunes for a long weekend. i now have 70hrs on the rebuild and no issue. oh yah and the valves are still in spec. great motor.

That's exactly what I want to hear! Thanks

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