New guy needs help w/450 wheel

Just picked up a 03 WR450.

I am trying to remove the rear wheel and I can't get the axel shaft out.

I have been pounding on it with a BFH and it will only move about 1/2".

Slides easy over that 1/2" then hits a brick wall. I am ready to break out the sawzall and hack it off.

Am I missing something? Do I need to remove anything besides the nut?

Almost seems like a bearing is forzen to the shaft and thats moving the 1/2".

I can't believe I'm having this much trouble removing a f'ing wheel!!!!

Any idea's??

Thanks Guys

get a impact on it,put the nut back on and spin it with the impact!SOUNDS LIKE RUST TO ME!

Turns fine. won't slide more than 1/2".

the bushing is probably rusted all to heck. The play you get is the amount the bushing can slide in there. I just did my bearings and seals, what a bugger. Maybe lay the bike over on its side and spray penetrating oil in there and wait till tomorrow, or an hour. When it comes apart, you will crap at how much rust is on the axle and bushing. Lube axle very well before puting back together. Later you can burn the oil and crap off of the brake pads until they quit smoking.



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