Suspension upgrades for me

I ride a 01 KTM 400 EXC, have a tall SDG seat installed and am looking for a steering stabilizer and front and rear spring setup for general trail riding and occasional mountain riding, live in Denver CO and looking for some help. I'm 6'7" rider that tips scales at 260 without gear, all help appreciated, thanks


You haven't said what the problem in or what you are looking for. I would start by correctly setting your sag numbers to make sure you have the correct springs and settings for your bike and rider weight. There is no magic number that anyone can pull out of the hat .

You are looking for the numbers that give you the correct ride height and help make sure you have the correct spring rate. You want a fork spring that gives you a static sag of 40-45mm and a rider sag of 75mm.

You want a rear spring that gives you a 45mm static sag and 115-120mm rider sag.

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