Do I need new blinker with this mod?

I am about to order the Edge Tail Light Holder Kit which comes with blinker stays. Will I be able to mount the stock blinkers with this kit. The reason I am asking they also sell the edge blinker stay which says that it allows you to use the stock blinker. Why would they sell it separately if it comes with the kit. Sorry if this sounds dump just trying to make sure so I don't have to pay $20 to ship a $8 part.

Thanks a bunch.

I have stock blinkers with the non-specific DR-Z stays. They mount up just fine.



i just bought the "kit". it came in a paper shipping envelope. i also paid 6.00 to get the

"special" adapters for the stock blinkers. they are 2x2 l brackets with two holes in them. i could have found and made them myself, after some trial and error. i guess my time is worth something. the ease of install was due to having every possible part needed to get her done.

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