weighted outside peg but bike still not lining up.....help please.

okay, was out at the track saturday and for th most part done okay, avoided crashing and nothing on bike was broke at the end of the day.However, on alot of the tabletops and a few doubles when i would leave the face of the jump my bike would kick out to the right(maintained throttle speed,was looking at the number plate and really focused on equal footpeg weight). I started trying to correcct this by weighting the right footpeg however instead of bringin the ass end in it just made my bike lean to the right and still stayed crooked.landing in full throtle saved me but id love to fix this because still being a newbie to mx Im hesitate to air it out and try to clear good size jumps until i can maneuver the bike in the air.Im sure there hundreds of threads on tthis but the only remeddy for this is what im trying and it ainnt working.Any help with this would truly be appreciated.:cheers:

I was in same position. My sag had sprung loose (two stroke vibration) and was 20mm out. Fixed it perfect for me. Hasn't loosened back out yet. If the front and back are out of balance (comp/reb fr&rear) it can't help you either. Used to scare me to death and I became hesitant and chickin'. Also make sure your wheel is lined up (in spite of the swingarm marks).

to little rebound dampening in the rear can cause problems, but i personally believe that in most cases the bike kicking out has to do with rider error more then bike set up, I've had no problem jumping strait on some ragged out unset up bikes. Were the jumps you were having trouble right out of corners? Any chance it was wheel spin on the face? How much is the back end kicking out? Did steering with the bars to the right bring it back at all?

The rear-end, makes a lot of difference,,,,maybe,,,, wheel bearings,or, swing-arm bushings......Dr.D..

I have everything set at stock im 175lbs at 6'. However this weekend im gonna get someone to fine tune my suspension to my weight etc,etc. and see if it helps.Most of the time the jumps were right after a straight away and i was hitting them in a gear higher than I would normally to prevent tthe back tire spinning on the face.when you guys steer into the side that is kicked out are you just turning the bars to lock or pushing down on them in that direcetion?

if it's whipping right or left, that's body positioning and where your weight is pushing on bars/pegs/frame/seat when your going into the face of the jump

watch how to whip videos, that way you can learn what causes it and how to prevent it or do bigger whips

Ya good call, getting your bike set up for you,sag, spring rates etc. is your first step. then alot of fine tuneing with the comp. and reb. settings and keep on practicing. make sure your form is good off the face of the jump. always be in that attack possition so you have control. good luck and be safe!!!

putting weight on your pegs isn't gunna bring the arse end back. depending on the severity of the kick out u have 2 options, 1 grip with ur knees and twist ur body to bring the backend into line and be at high revs at the same time or 2 try and just relax and let the bike come back by its self don't restrict its movements or try to correct it just let ur leg come up off the peg ( but not let it go over the seat lol) and pickup your revs a bit.

most inexpirienced rider go stiff and end up in trouble, a majority of time the bike will just bring its self back, just like doin a whip

(maintained throttle speed,was looking at the number plate and really focused on equal footpeg weight

Quit that. Look ahead.

Grip the bike with your legs and knees....

looking at the number plate? id love to see a video of you riding please. that is horrible. you look ahead, never down.

ok,when i said "looking at the number plate" i didnt mean literally that i was staring at my number plate hitting jumpss.I simply was saying I was focusing on staying in the "attack position",(looking forward where i plan on landing) equal weight on both pegs,constant throttle, etc,etc.For those of you who responded with constructive criticism I thank you.The rest of you with smartass comments well...:cheers:

Best advise I can give is make sure you are squeezing the bike with your legs and knees. This is your best prevention and it makes a huge difference every where on the track. Certain jump faces will kick your ass end out sideways. Weighting the peg does not work for me at all in the air to correct it. I will weight a peg for when I want to whip off of a jump or I will weight a peg in the air if its a cross wind. I find one of the best ways to correct any whip whether on purpose or not is to:

1. Make sure that you are on the balls of your feet.

2. Keep your foot on the peg but use your heal to push the back end of the bike back the direction you want it to go. It takes very little effort with your heal to bring it straight. You will be surprised!

3.Now if it is really whipped out say to the left I will also crank the bars left, push on the gas tank with my right knee to the left, lean the bike over to the left and land on the gas it will all straighten out.

4.Also try to land on either your front or back tire first depending on the landing. Just don't land both tires at the same time. This will prevent the bounce sending your ass end even further in the opposite direction.

5. Find a jump you are really comfortable on and try to deliberately whip out the back end a little and practice straightening it out. Do it over and over until it becomes natural to correct the whip instead of freeze in the air!!!!

Hope this helps out.

Thank you for the constructive advice and detailed info.will try it and llet you know(after i get my suspension where it needs to be of course)Thank you

i second the find a jump you are comfortable with idea , jump it about 100000 times until you feel more at home with the bike off the ground.

I saw alot of great advice on here and have used it for myself. As for bike set up, make sure the rear tire is straight when measuring for chain tension! Mine was off quite a bit and after fixing it (I know I know rookie mistake) My bike tracked way better and the bike never kicked out!

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