Going to be checking out a Sherco 2.9 saturday

So saturday I'm going to be looking and possible buying a 2002 Sherco 2.9 trials bike and being that this is going to be my first trial bike I was hoping you guys/girls can help me find some stuff out.

First, I dont really know what to look for when im checking it out so anything at all woud be helpfull.

Second, is their any problems with this year/model like tranny, clutch, etc....

Third, how does this bike compare to other trials bikes of this year?

Lastly whats some good obsticals to start with? I have plenty of logs pallets and whatever lying around the yard.

Any and all info is appreciated and I look forward to getting started in trials rideing and I'll try to get a picture up sometime.

Me too! I will be going trials also. I saw a 2000 sherco 2.5 in good condition but I am having a hard time finding info on that particular bike. No reviews also

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