KX250F 2007 More torque??

Is there any aftermarket parts i ca use with out tearing apart my engine to more torque out of the corners/

Not that I know of....thats why I went with the Cylinder Works 270 kit.....It helped my 07 KX250F pull alot harder out of the curves.....Just bite the bullet and do it....You will be glad that you did........:cheers:

a bigger rear sproket will help a little bit, maybe a heavier flywheel weight?...

step up the teeth on the rear sprocket. it will give more torque but you'll lose top end.

Loudmouth intake....

whats your gearing? Stock? try a 49 or 50t rear sprocket..

Take the rag out of the airbox. Might wanna remove the raisin from the floatbowl too.

Just kidding, try lower gearing.:cheers:

^^ what dk means by lower gearing he means adding a tooth to the rear sprocket or taking a tooth off the front [btw you don't want to drop a tooth in the front 13 is the best just mess with the rear]

Gearing works great...I run 13/49 set up......It helped keep the rpm's up.....But if you really want the bike to pull hard out of the turns....the big bore made a bigger difference than just adding one tooth to rear spocket....I know the OP didnt want to get into his motor......But if you want to produce more torque...going into the engine is the best way.......

what is a good company that makes a big bore kit

Ive tried different sprocket combos in the past...

if you want to ride single track trails dropping one tooth on the front sprocket, it works great, but you have no top end.

But for motocross I would add a tooth to the rear and set up your carb with team green jetting specs, which gives the bike loads of torque. If your not really worried about top end you can add 2 teeth to the rear, but doing so will make the bike feel like it doesnt have 5th gear.

As for big bore kits- I have ran the athena 290 but I had to upgrade my radiators, waterpump and get a different radiator cap along with running engine ice. My personal experience with big bores on the 07 was cooling issues.

I have been very happy with the Cylinder Works 270 Kit.....I have not had any problems with overheating.....I did some research on the big bore kits.....With the 290 kit, you lose alot of higher rpm's....The 290 kit I feel would work great in the woods....I race MX and the 270 kit helped the bike pull harder and can still rev out on top end......

the Athena 290 kit is definitely a lower rpm kit. makes a great bottom to mid-end power but the top-end is pretty flat. It was a good kit for tight supercross and moto tracks.

but like i said, heat was an issue. I ride in the summer heat, up to 100 degrees and my bike with the athena kit didn't like that much..

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