2006 KX 250f very hard to get into neutral, any ideas?

I'm about to take apart my girl friends kx 250f because it wont go into neutral very easily, it takes lots and rocking back and forth and many attempts to get it into neutral. Also its easier to get it into neutral when going from second to neutral, going from first is almost impossible. I was just wondering if anybody on here has experienced this, or know of any possible causes.

Mine was nearly impossible as well, i changed from 10w30(idk why i had that in there to begin with) to 10w40, it got 50% better.

A dragging clutch will make it difficult to find neutral with the engine running and clutch pulled in.

If it is easy to find neutral with the engine shut off, it should be the clutch that is the problem.

Compare to another bike with the engine shut off, you will still have to move the rear wheel slightly, but if it behaves like any other bike the gearbox is fine.

Probably a notched clutch basket that keeps it from disengaging properly.

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