Husqvarna domination at wec opener in spain


Husqvarna dominated the first enduro GP of 2011, held in Ponts, Spain last weekend, where the Husqvarna CH racing team celebrated four Class victories and seven podium finishes, which is an outstanding start to the season.

Juha Salminen was victorious on both days on his TE250, demonstrating that he is one of the main title favourites in the E1 class. Only his fellow countryman and team-mate Matti Seistola threatened to make life difficult for Juha, who twice mounted a serious challenge to Salminen in some of the special tests.

In the E2 class, current world Champion Antoine Meo made light work of this season opener, winning on both days on the TE310 in the E2 class, as well as getting the best overall results of the GP, clearly demonstrating that new TE310 delivers the best combination of power and sweet handling.

Still in the E2 class, Italian rider Simone Albergoni, also on a Husqvarna TE310, came fourth in the overall standings, making him the top Italian rider in this first GP of 2011.

Frenchman Sebastien Guillaume made a consistent start to his 2011 campaign on his WR300, scoring a podium finish on day one and then finishing fourth on the final day. The action now moves across to Portugal, for the second Enduro World Championship Grand Prix of the series, this coming weekend





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I am just surprised that they aren't forced to ride the BMW equivalent to the Husky.


Holy green toe, batman!!!!

How did the 449/511 platform place??

Holy green toe, batman!!!!


Holy green toe, batman!!!!

How did the 449/511 platform place??

I'm not sure who is riding this bike but it is raced state side by a few top guns... Seems local riders like the bike but the top PROs are a different story ...

Husky has a 350 2t out there somewhere that has yet to be seen ...

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