I bought the '98 WR / I need a tire

Thanks for all of the advice gentlmen. I need a rear tire. Will the wr take a 120 width rear and which tire is a good all-around tire. I searced the archives. Poss the new Dunlap 793 or the Mich M12. I'll be riding to the store every now and thin but 95% of the time will be in the dirt. The Mich M12 didn't appear to be a very aggressive tire for 95% dirt riding? I want good ware and good traction ( as always the most for the least amount of money).

ive been riding for 16 years and michelin's starcross s12 and m12 are the by far, the best tires ive ever had on any of my bikes.if you are going to be riding on soft to intermediate terrain i recommend starcross s12 or m12 for hard terrain.i also recommend starcross in front as well.match set of tires almost always improves way bike handles.

Both are great tires. I do have an interesting one to mention and add to the pot. IRC makes a Tire Called the M5B.. Its by far, the Most agressive Soft/intermediate Terrain tire Ive ever seen. It Goes in Mud and soft Dirt and will grip like a vise. It also wears fast at first..then It takes along time to take it down. Pretty Impressive. Its a bit like a Dunlop K695, but Makes that look like a Slick in the Mud. I kid you not. Never seen anything like this tire. :) The price is decent as well. Might give it a shot.

My vote is for the D739 Desert A/T (is that what you meant by “ new Dunlap 793?” This tire is supposed to replace the 695 Desert A/T). Similar tread to the stock 739 but harder rubber compound and more layers of it (it is significantly heavier, though). Almost flat proof and much, much longer wearing than a “normal” 739 (or any other tire I’ve tried). IMO this tire is okay in sand and great everywhere else. If you shop around you can find this very popular tire on sale. Try Chaparral and Bobs Cycle.

Different brands seem to be sized differently, I don’t know about the Michelin but a Dunlop 120/100-18 should clear everything, although you may want to see how close your current tire gets to the silencer. I have a YZ and a 120/90-19 is the same width and clears everything, but the stock WR can is bigger and may rub a bit. But I doubt it.

Hey Hick,

I ride strictly MX and SX and I am just a "punk kid" and wish my tires lasted longer! I dont really care how much it weighs (my philosophy is just work out more to handle the weight) anyway does the A/T 739 really work much better than the regular 739? I liked the 739 alot but it wore out quick, will the A/T fit my needs? I am currently running a 755, I was given 2 "like new" 755's from a pro racer who i ride with (he is sponsored by dunlop w/a factory level sponsorship) and they are wearing out fairly quickly and I will need a new tire soon...Thanks for any input,



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