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AFX FX-39 Dual Sport Helmet Review

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Hi Everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster. I have gotten so much great info from these forums, I wanted to give something back. I recently bought an AFX FX-39 DS helmet. I didn't find many personal reviews on it, so I decided to put one up.

First off, you should know my riding characteristics. I ride an '83 Honda XL600R and an '05 Honda XR650L about 80% off-road (forest trails, access roads, 4x4 trails, etc.) and about 20% on-road (usually 40-55 mph highways used to link up the off-road portions). I would say I get out on nearby trails once a week during riding season, and usually have two weeks of daily riding during trips. Up until now I have used entry level motocross helmets (the most recent an HJC brand) with scott goggles.

I was attracted to the array of dual sport helmet options for the simple reason that I am a classic dual sport rider. I liked my motocross helmet and goggle set-up, until I hit the highway and got pounded by the wind. Or when trying to sneak in an early season ride in 40 degree weather.

I believe Shoei, arai, icon, and other premium brands also carry dual sport helmets, and I will admit I tried them on, and they are probably worth every penny. Unfortunately, I can't justify more than $200 for a helmet. I will say however, that fit and safety should be the #1 concern.

I now have three weeks with my new AFX helmet, and have logged about five good rides with it. I LOVE IT!!! I have tried it with and without goggles and with many combinations of eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, visor, etc. It should be noted I require corrective lenses, so I always have on eyeglasses or my prescription sunglasses. It feels like a great off road helmet with the visor up. I can enjoy the breezes on the trail or the occasional bug. Then, when I hop back on the road, I can flip down the visor and have a very comfortable ride home. I would recommend this helmet to anyone who enjoys dual sport riding. Even if you just want to cut down on some of your dust intake on the trail, its a great solution.

In summary, a few points: For the $114 price tag, I was very pleased with the product. It has good quality and some features not found on cheaper helmets (quick-release ratchet strap, open and close-able vents, and removable liners). I found no optical distortion with the visor, which I have gathered tends to occur with similar helmets. I will say however, that I found the SLIGHTEST amount of light tricks when I wore polarized sunglasses under the visor. If you have ever worn polarized sunglasses in a car with tinted windows, you know what I mean. Glare off metal objects will appear to shift through the spectrum as you approach it. Really, it's nothing more than the polarization doing its job with just a bit of interference. I must stress though, that this was very rare, and not a big problem at all, it just made man-hole covers look like something out of Mario Brothers. Also, once I removed my polarized sunglasses, there was no issue whatsoever. One very nice thing is the fact that while cruising along at 55 mph, you don't feel like the wind is going to rip off your helmet, like you usually get with a standard motocross helmet. They have designed it to be much more aerodynamic.

All in all this is a great helmet if you spend too much time off-road for a street helmet, but too much time on the road to be comfortable in a motocross helmet. Highly recommended!

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I was googleing AFX fx-39 when I came across this 2 day old TT thread. Always good info here on TT. I'm glad to hear the optical distortion has been improved as well as the other improvements.

I'm sold.... now if I can find a medium strike red in stock somewhere....

Thx for the review.

FYI for others RevZilla has a good video review here

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