bike runs ok, worth paying mech to check jets and point

I dont know much about the inner workings of an engine and fuel system; I just bought a 2001 xr 650r that was uncorked and jetted by the previous owner. I have no way of knowing how thorough or precise he was. The bike runs well, very very quick, starts ok. If there was some routine maitnance or adjustments that could be done by a mechanic to make it go faster and start better/easier it would be worth my money. Not sure if i am headed down the right road or even what to ask the mechanic as to not sound like a smuck and get ripped off.

side old timer said it might be worth it to have the shop check the valves and timing chain. would anyone else reccomend paying for that? thanks, proud new owner of a XR650R.

If the bike runs well, chances are the carb is fine. Unless there is a running issue, there is not any 'hidden power'. You want moe power, modify the engine.

Do not fix what is not broke however, checking valves and doing basic maint. is always wise.

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