Fatbars on a E

I'v got a riding trip coming up and I'v got my bike pretty well buttoned up and running the way I want. The only thing left to do is make the cockpit a little more comfortable. I currently have some 7/8th protaper hi cr bends which I feel are a little low with a little to much sweep. I'v pretty much decided on the windom bend because its got a little less sweep and a little more rise. My problem is I have a trail tech speedo that I don't want to be blocked by a cross bar. So I'm wondering, what would be my cheapest option for a triple clamp? that will have the same rise as my stock E?

BRP? I got lucky and found a new Pro Taper Billit top clamp on E bay a few months back for $60 I am running Pastrana FMX bars and like them

Good looks Colemd,already sent him a message. The rise was the only thing holding me back from the pastrana bends, it doesn't feel awkward to you?

Not at all but I am 6'5" tall. I used them with the adaprtes before I got a new top tripple clamp and it was a little high but not anymore.

Will stock 07+ S/sm model clamps work? I really want to avoid getting risers.

Will stock 07+ S/sm model clamps work? I really want to avoid getting risers.

No. The S model clamps are the same as the E and the SM clamps have larger holes for the fork legs.

Your only option is adapters or new clamps.

Any clamps under $100? The bpr one looks great but I'm not ready to fork over 200 big ones for it.

I saw those, just a little skeptical about them....what about the protaper ones, iv seen them around but not sure if they will fit mine or have the stock rise.

Mine are the pro tapers and are stock rise for the e and s

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