Good Hotel for Seattle Supercross???


Hey Guys

Im heading up with the family next weekend and was hoping to get some good info on hotels.

It's going to be me, my two 4 year old boys and the grandparents.

Since I will have my work cut out for me looking after everyone, the closest and easiest outweighs the price.

Thanks in advance for the help.

If you seriously dont mind paying for convience you cant beat this place. You could easily walk but it would be a got 20 minute fast, 30 minute slow walk.

Personally I would stay at a best western in Bellevue. A straight shot of about 20 minutes from Bellevue will get you there but you gotta definately watch the bridge traffic.

hotel 1000 is maybe 5 blocks away. $$


If we end up driving a little after the race we would want to head south since were coming from portland. I should have mentioned that before:banghead:


#1) Silvercloud (on 1st) 100 yards from Qwest

#2) Marriott (new courtyard on 2nd and James) 4 blocks from Qwest

#3) Hotell 1000 (Hilton) 6 Blocks from Qwest

Hope this helps, see you there

Stay close to where the sounder runs, or the light rail, just jump on a train and your out of there:thumbsup: it looks like the "Link Light Rail" is going to the airport, so grab a nice hotel there, ride the "courtesy shuttle to the Airport, link to the stadium and back and the shuttle back to the hotel. Easy and no traffic:thumbsup: Here is the page that you want to check out. looks like the Hilton is right across the street from the Seatac Link station!

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You can't get any closer/convenient than that.


#1) Silvercloud (on 1st) 100 yards from Qwest

silvercloud is definitely the closest. my family stayed there a few years ago, nice rooms, new, rooftop pool, request a high floor on the west side and you get a sound view. i think they'll probably run around $175-220 per night for 2 queen beds.

I wish I had more details, but I would keep in mind that many of the closer hotels are full of people partying after the event.

With your boys there I can imagine that might not be your highest priority.


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