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What do you carry?

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so far I have figured out a pretty good system...

One the BIKE


- rope, for towing, lashing down, lean-to, etc

- compass

- cell phone in watercase, GPS enabled

XRs small bag behind headlight

- 12v mini air compressor

- tube patch kit

- PSI gauge

- AA led flashlight

- roll of electrical tape

In toolbag in Airbox

- multitool (allen heads, screwdriver, 1/4" drive, spoke wrench)

- 8-14mm +16mm spark plug sockets (1/4" drive, with two extensions)

- 8" crescent wrench

- 8" vice grip

- two mini tire spoons

- chainbreaker, spare length of chain and spare master link(s)

- half tube of quicksteel for broken case, etc

- mondo zip ties

- altoid tin first aid kit loose in airbox (bandaids, tylenol, antibiotic, tape, guaze, registration)


- spare front tube under rear fender against side panel, zip tied.

On me

- Leatherman

- zippo lighter

- matches

- Flashlight +spare batts +spare flashlight

- UV steripen for water filtration

- steel waterbottles (1L and 1/2L) boil water in the bottle for sterilization

- compass, maps of area with grids

- Yaesu Ham radio + FRS radio for friend

- Glock20 10MM +spare mag

- fixed blade knife

- handsaw for trees

- space sleeping bag

- 2 or 3 cliff bars

- rag, shamwow towell in zip bag

- two spare sets of riding gloves in zip bag

- extra layer for warmth, raincoat, socks

- GPS, 12v charger for bike

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I just put some mondo zip ties through the mounting holes, then around the handlebar clamps. works fine.

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n16ht5 I really like the look of your bike. That bag on the handlebars is a great idea. Where did you find it? I would like to get myself one. Good list of supplies as well. I see you live in Washington. I just moved to SC from the Bremerton area last year. Where do you ride at? Ever gone riding a The Tahuya trails in the silverdale area?

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thanks. yeah I don't go south of Reiter, never been anywhere down there.. I ride Walker Valley and eastern WA stuff. Do you ever come up north?

I got the bag off XRsonly.com

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Yea I was up there in September. My Brother goes to Central Washington University in Ellensburg. Ive never ridden my Dirtbike over there but it always looked like a cool place to go. My girlfriend is talking about find a job up there when she graduates in December so I may be headed back out that way in the future.

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Never thought about putting a tool bag in the airbox. I may have to give that one a try. I don't have anything put together yet, but then again I just got my bike so I'm still picking this stuff up. Is there any super secret hiding locations on a WR426 that I should know about?

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