aftermarket triple clamps

It seems like the triple clamps on my Kx 250 aren't clamping my forks as well as they should be. Even after a small low speed corner spill my forks will be twisted badly. I'm tired of having to constantly fix them. Would a set of aftermarket triples like RG3's help this problem, or is the main benefit of them the improved geometry?

If the problem truly is the clamps not holding then any set of clamps would solve the problem. The bonus of many aftermarket clamps are adjustable or different offset and multiple bar mounts. I'm guessing that aftermarket are going to be cheaper than stock and may have more benefits too.

Definitely get it fixed, nothing like this should frustrate a good days ride!

I put a set of Ride Engineering 22mm clamps on my 07 KX250f...The reason I changed to them was to change the trail on the bike......But I have to say they are more rigid and I feel they do clamp down better than the stock ones did.....If you can get a set for a deal......its well worth it.......

I bought a new bike a few years ago and the forks kept sliding up and hitting the handlebars even though the clamp bolts were tight. Turned out the clamp surfaces were not machined properly (chatter). Only about 10% of the area was contacting the fork tube. So I used valve lapping compound to mate the surfaces. It worked great but I did have to take the forks off to clean the lapping compound that resurfaced afterward. It did discolour the forks slightly also...

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