water in oil

Got an 04 YZ 450, took it out for a couple hours and overheated, realized it was because the antifreeze was pouring out of the weep hole on th bottom of the pump. had some extra water on me so tried to refill radiator. Bike wouldnt start and had to get a pull back to camp. And yea it was the first ride of the weekend. When i got home i took the crank case off and found antifreeze/water in the oil. Heard i need to replace the seals but was wondering what else i might need to do. Any suggestions?

it is not normally possible for water to enter your engine oil from the water pump because it's designed to have any leaking coolant escape through the hole you saw it leaking from. The seals may well have caused the overheating, but the water in your oil is more than likely from the head gasket.

yea i was afraid something might be up with the head gasket

I popped the head gasket on my 03 because i lost coolant thru the weep hole. i never saw any water in the oil probably cause there was none left

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