Got a trike..Have some Q's.

My dad has an old trike that has been sitting for quite a long time. maybe 15-20 years not sure exactly.

I do not know the exact model but i believe it might be an '86 200. not sure if its like an atc or r w.e. I beleiev it is a four stroke but again i can be mistaking, i have not seen it for awhile.

I am looking to restore it and make it into a trail bike.

Where is a good place to buy new OEM parts? alone with aftermarket partd?


Various OEM parts are still being sold by Service Honda, but as far as major engine parts, fenders, wheels, ect. all those are discontinued and can go for pretty pennies. Would need to see the bike to confirm for sure what it is.

Chances are, dust it off, drain and flush the tank, clean the carb, put fresh gas in it and give it a go, it might fire up. Don't forget a new plug.

okay will do :cheers:

I will try and get picks of it asap. but if i see it i can probably tell what it is.

Before you tear into it and start ordering parts, try to get it running with as little as possible so you can hear it run and ride it to see if the transmission is good and if you notice any other running problems or riding problems.

With knowledge of a bad transmission or slipping clutch before tear down, you can avoid taking things apart more than once.

Getting ahead but if it is a four stroke engine either remove the valve inspection caps and pour some oil into the top end or crank it over without starting to make sure oil is getting to the top end. It has been setting a long time, so don't trust that oil will reach the top end on a start up after XX years.

Somewhat similar, I have had to remove the distributor on automobiles that have set for many years and spin the pump with a drill before the pump will prime.

If its a Honda, just put fresh gas in it and have fun. Just joking, can't wait to see what you are bringing back to life.

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