carb help

So I brought my bike to the shop for them to check the valves and I told them to make sure its tuned rite in all. I am just curious what that long flat head screw stinking out the bottom of the carb does? When we were trying to get mine running rite my dad dicked with it which I don't care that he did cause he was trying to help but what does it do? and how many turns out should it be? I also told the shop to make sure it was tuned rite and what not but I didn't know if they would dick with that screw.

Sounds like an aftermarket fuel screw. The stock one is impossible to turn by hand. Exactly where it should be depends upon some things such as pilot jet size and leak jet size but 1 turn out is a good starting more than 2 or it may fall out. It has a small spring and o-ring on it so don't lose them.

Once you get the bike warmed up and idling good, turn the screw out like 1/4 turn at a time until it starts to run different...go back to where you started and do the same turning it in until it slows/runs rough. Proper setting is around the mid point.

No its like on the bottom of the bowl and you like can't get it to unless you take the carb out?

No its like on the bottom of the bowl and you like can't get it to unless you take the carb out?

Oh....flat head....I envisioned a head like on a bolt that you were calling a flat STR fuel screw is like that and it sticks out..hence why that came to mind.

I think you mean it takes a flat head screwdriver and you can't get at it easily. Thats the stock fuel screw. Same info as if it was aftermarket....get an aftermarket one though so you can turn it. Many like the t handle fuel screw as its easiest to turn on the trail or whatever.

I posted a link to an 06 manual in another carb thread tonight. Perhaps the carb pics will help you identify it if you think I'm still not following you.

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