Whats up with my spark plug?

Bought a used 2007 RMZ 450, and doing my regular "new to me maintenance" I find this plug. Looks like it could be the original plug, as its rusted and it carries the factory part number.

Any guess as to whats going on with the motor based on this plug?






make sure you dont have a blown head gasket. looks like moisture got into the head. also it is running rich. Also the person before you could of dumped is in a pond or deep water and di dnot clean it properly. I would reccomend taking off the head cover and look inside.

What in the hell ?? Did the bike Run with that thing in it ? Looks like it could be sludgy, Oily, Rusted or Melted.

I would open up the top end engine and check the piston and valves that is horrible looking

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