high compression piston?

i got a 2005 crf 250x with fmf powercore 4 and powerbomb with an 07 250r camshaft and was thinking about gettin a high comp piston. anyone tried one i was thinking a wiseco 13.5.1. does it make a noticeable difference over stock? is it really hard on cranks rods wristpins etc..? let me know what ya think

High compression adds nice bark to the bottom/mid range, and 13.5:1 will not have any adverse affects on reliability. Still safe to run on premium pump gas if jetted properly.

I put a 13.5:1 Wiseco piston in my 2004x last year. A noticeable difference in power.

I would definitely do it again.

I put an 08 250R piston in mine. I definitely notice more compression but not so much that it's hard to start, etc.

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