91 ktm 250 need stator help 2k3

OK just bought a 1991 ktm 250 mx with a bad stator replacement ones cost a hefty penny 350 400 and so on Ive found a link and have been hunting the internet for any type of info about the year change's and evey thing... The link Ive found they take a ktm 91 250 and put a 2k3 stator in it ........ what dose that mean what bikes do the 2k3's come on and would a different flywheel work on my bike im in the dark here???

whats the differences in 2k1 2k2 2k3's what size bikes do they come on?

any one have a manual or a exploded diagram for the 91 ktm 250?


also what is this big thing on the shaf and whats this plate off of


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