New owner, couple quick questions...

Hello Everyone,

Just picked up my 450F and had a couple quick questions.

1. Has anyone cut the airbox intake panel that blocks 1/3 of the opening (see pic below)? Reason I'm thinking of doing this is because I use the opening to move the rear end of the bike around and I have big hands and cannot get a good grip because of this panel. I was thinking about cutting it out to make room for my hands but I wanted to know if anyone had a good reason NOT to cut it out.


2. I'm going to install a Wiseco 13.5:1 piston kit and from the looks of it, it seems to be pretty straight forward. But before I tear into it and find out the hard way, I thought I'd ask; can the head, cylinder and piston be removed with the engine in the bike? Compared to my KTM, this looks like a walk in the park.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it!


I cant say for 100% for sure but on my 2008 450 I was able to remove the whole top end in the bike and since these bikes(I now also have a 2011 kx450) are so close in dimensions I would assume you could do the same with the 2011

I dont see why opening the grip hole a little would hurting anything at all but im not a pro at anything moto

Engine in the frame is the way to go.

The side plate hole being partially or fully covered is the go for mud or rain. Assuming you care about your inlet valves.

On the topic of intake and opening up breathing holes...wod it be a bad idea to put some screen in the opening? Or would it have no effect?

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