Need help choosing the right tires

im on a 2008 crf250r, i ride motocross tracks that are prepped and sometimes hard, slippery and compact. i need help on which tires get the best hook up for those terrains. Can you get a rear tire thats wider than stock? also how important is it for the front tire to hook up? i try using the front brake on turning but im not a expert. so idk if my front tire really matters right now or not.

im no expert on tires, but i had stock ones on my 04 yz250f (not stock from new, we bought the same ones that would come with a new bike). they lost there tread quickly from riding hard pack, but they were good in the wet. we decided to buy new ones and we chose the irelli scorpion i think there called, they are great. the back wheel goes where you want on hardpack, sand, mud, grass. they are perfect. obviously these are the only aftermarket tires ive had on a 250, but they are great for me. sorry i cant answer all your questions.

It sounds like your talking about hardpack/bluegroove, so go with a tire that is designed for hard terrain, such as the dunlop mx71, or bridgestone m604.

dylan- ill check them out thanks man, and srm - well like ill go practice at some tracks where its hard packed, dry and dusty but like the next weekend ill go somewhere nicer where they prepp it up and its soft terrain type for practice saturday then race sunday. i need a tire where when i practice the tracks that arent water down much but then next weekend ill go somewhere where there racin and its a track taken care of as in watered and disked etc etc...A tire for both types. make sense?

I like my maxxis desert IT rear, it hooks up in mud and hard pack and wears like iron.

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