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2000 cr250

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I just picked up a 2000 cr250, I have hade a 01,02,05. The 01 was very fun and it was in great shap when i got it with a reslever cylinder but the power valve was out adjustment and i fixed it and it ran great. Now just pict up a 2000 cr250 in ok shape, it ran down the road and it felt strong, good throttle response with just alittle less in the lower mid than i thought it should have but when it came on it was very controlable but very unexpectly strong. I check my power valve it was open fron the start about %5 and would open up to about %20 when reved out, even with the power it had. I decarboned the valve, the worst in the world, and had to raise the cylinder up about a inch to get the linkage to lineup and side cover to make sure the linkage was meshed together at the right place. Got that fix and the valve works now. Just have not had a chance to ride it. Now to the question.It seems to have alot of compression, i have a bad hip but i cant hardly kick it over, there nothing wrong just alot of compression and it chranks easy and sounds like it is very strong cant wait till i get it the rest the way together and go riding. How can I tell if it has a big bore kit in it without taking the cylinder off and micing it. just dont remember my 01 having near that much compression, the 05 had the cylinder deck and head done and it was almost as much as the 2000.

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