xl 600 oil problems

hey im fixin up my 83 xl 600 and am trying to solve the problem of not getting enough oil to the head. (i just had to replace rockers and cam) i driilled out the banjo bolts and ive heard some people use thinner oil. im using 10w40 now and am thinking of trying 5w30. will this have any major negative effects on my engine? or should i use 10w30 and switch to 5w30 in winter?

You have a problem with the oil pump, not with oil thickness. I would try priming the pump again to start with.

drilling out the banjo bolt will reduce the velocity of the oil entering the head and could cause problems running a thin oil.

if you need to prime the oil pump again the try this trick. feed compressed air through the oil line that is near the dip stick on the top of the frame (no more than 30 psi) and crack open the banjo bolt on the cylinder head. crank the engine over until you get oil coming out of the banjo bolt and tighten it back up and your good to go. it should only take a few turns of the engine before you get pressure. this is a good trick that i learned on the forum and works very well.

If you are worried about cold oil flow issues go with something like the 5W-40 Synthetic Rotella.

With a lobe type oil pump as long as the oil supply is OK then there is not much issue with the viscosity. You see it's a positive displacement pump. It can make considerable pressure. Now if it's a supply restriction it will pull a vacuum and suck air.

Make sure the external oil tube is clear. Debris in there will block the flow and cause issues.

Did you put the right hand cam bearing the correct way? The sealed side goes to the right.

thanks for the tip on how to prime the pump. and i think i did put the cam bearing in the wrong way, but i dont have the head cover on yet so itll be easy to switch it around. isnt 5W-40 Synthetic Rotella made for diesels?

I not going to get into an oil debate, but here are a few facts.

Yes the Rotella is made for diesels.

Plenty of people have used it with great success in motorcycles.

So many were using the Rotella that Shell finally went and got the oil JASM MA certified.

I've been using it for years but I just go with the cheaper 15W-40 version.

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