air filter grease?

Hey guys. Just wondering, do you still grease the inside of your air filter before installing? I have an '11 kx250f, and was told that the new bikes filters fit tight enough that the grease is not needed. Just getting back into riding and we always used to grease the mating surfaces...


is a preference thing. yes they do fit very snug but just to be sure i put some on because i feel like a $10 start off cost save alot more then having to pay 120-200 for a new top end sooner

I quit greasing filters 15 years ago. Haven't ever sucked any dirt by the rim and I don't miss the greasy mess.

Yes I grease mine - I use the No Toil grease..Cheap insurance. You'll get both sides of the fence on this subject.

I just use the airfilter oil to put on the rim of the airfilter.

I'm a 2 stroker so I just dab a bit of premix on my filter..most 4 strokers I know run dry filters.

I use DT1 filters, designed to be used without grease. Never had a problem, the air filter oil takes care of the seal. So much cleaner as well.

I grease the rim every complaints yet!:cheers:

No need, if you use a good filter oil such as Bel-ray or Maxima FFT it will seal up to the air box.

Thanks for the replies. some do, some don't. I kinda expected that. I was hoping there would be more I don'ts than I do's. Still on the fence about this one. It truly leaves a greasy mess behind...thanks again.


Pro-Seals on my bikes. That filter grease is a nasty p.i.t.a.

So, these work pretty good? I might have to check that out!

i quit greasing mine a long time ago, no problems since...i would say if your riding in extremely dusty terrian maybe its worth it...for a day at the mx track i dont think it has to be done

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