CA woods YZ125

Last summer I found this 2002 YZ125 with the nubs still on the stock tires:


The original owner bought it for his grandson, who rode it up and down the street a few times.

I added:

Standard enduro armor and break-away levers

EG 144cc top end with broad powerband porting

Keihin PWK 36mm

7oz FWW

18" rear with tubliss front and rear

Coolant overflow tank, 1.125 bar w/ risers, etc.


Next up is a tall seat, suspension work and maybe a damper.

This bike is incredible fun! My orange 300 may see lots of garage time this summer...

nice find man!

how is the eric gorr 144cc big borr kit! how do it run and do it run hot alot, and how many times have u change the piston

and wats a 7oz FWW

How do you like the 7oz weight in regards to the power band?

I put the 7oz freewheel weight on at the same time as the EG 144, so I can't really say how one performs without the other. I may remove the 7oz just to see what it feels like without it.

There's plenty of power, even for technical uphills (I weigh 175lbs). I've had to feather the clutch to maintain RPMs much less than before the 144.

As for rebuilds - I'm not flogging the 144 motor anywhere near as much as the 125, so I should get more time out of each top end.

Nice find man! I like it!

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