Tahuya Crash Helpers !


This is a Thread to personally thank the 2 Gentlemen and their son that stopped on the Howell Lake trail and helped my buddy out. He managed to grab a bunch of throttle and a lost a radiator! Tahuya Tree 1 Honda 450 left Radiator 0. If I remember right you both were riding Kawi 2 Strokes and your son was on a 85 CR, (wild guess on the Honda) Your Club, you said rides there a lot.

Not sure if this thread will find you or not. But I do want to say thank you and it is riders like you that keep us still riding. They can say whatever they want about the people who ride bikes and enjoy the trails. But I know they are some of the best people out there.

Thank you for going out of your way in helping. It was much appreciated. I hope to bump into you all again. Beer on me :-)

Since I have been riding Tahuya I have had nothing but great encounters with riders out there. To all of you who ride out there I encourage you to keep up the positive image you all have set already.

Thank you again and Happy Riding! :cheers:

That was me, my son and my brother in law. Did your buddy make it out without melting his motor down? We talked about that experience and decided to start bringing hoses and fittings out with us just in case we see that again!

Wow! 11 minutes! That didn't take long at all!

LOL, I just happened to be doing a search when your post came up. How did everything end?

Everything went just fine, we got it on out of there and back home. We stopped 3 times on the trail out, but it was just fine. He bought a new radiator and hose set. Hopefully I will get that Cali boy back out there soon and teach him how to ride something besides sand!

Hey thanks again, and I hope that we bump into you again, this time on better circumstances haha.

Happy riding!

glad you guy's were all right tree's hurt take it from me I have been hauled out before from tree's once.great job tim on helping out and representing the tacoma motorcycle club.

That's awesome! :cheers:

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